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Enterprise Wide LMS/LXP Launch – “Docebo”

Lead Project Manager

We never had an LMS for field reps, or at least a good one that provided a great user experience, data, scalable options, or easy-to-maintain functionality.

How I got it done:

  • Scouted 5 Sales Enablement Platforms that could fit multiple internal and external audience groups.
  • Collaborated with different people from those groups and understood how this tool could help them in their day-to-day job – Field Reps, eCom chat support specialists, and general internal employees.
  • Created our Home Entertainment, Home Appliance, Onboarding & everboarding Curriculums and also a self-development curriculum for Field Reps to also be featured on the platform.
  • Leveraged my video development strategy Framework to script videos for our courses;
  • Identified additional contractors and developers to help us achieve our content goals for launch.
  • While all this was happening, I then pitched entire platform + timelines to SVP & Directors to help them gain understanding of why it’s better than current solution and what it will allow us to do as a lean L&D team. Presented ROI case studies from our LS.com platform.
  • Gained approval & budget without any friction.
  • Launched in 2021 to 3,000 learners.
  • Continuously adding new content and gathering data to support future decision making.

This project was an amazing experience. It allowed me to exercise all of my skills in course development, business development, web design and marketing. It taught me that when you make yourself part of that project, that near fusing with it is an essential part of its emergence – you must eat, sleep and breathe a project of this magnitude for months. The passion was there from the beginning and it was powered by a vision that took form over several years of learning the business through and through.

If I learned one thing from this project it was the power of collaboration and what it meant to be a motivator in a big org. I made the vision clear from the beginning and got buy-in at every level.

Web & eCommerce

LearnSamsung.com Support Platform (COVID-19 Pivot Strategy)

  • Budget: $10k/yr.
  • Additional Sales/Assisted Sales: $100m-$200m per year.
  • ROI: 10,000% to 20,000%

LearnSamsung.com was designed, developed, and launched in 14 days by myself to support a $4B retail business while our salesforce was furloughed.

The purpose of each retailer’s page is to provide support for them whenever they need it:

  • Product Training Courses
  • Videos
  • Sales Guide Downloads
  • Merchandising Info
  • Promo Awareness & Support

The chat feature is an industry first at retail. It allows floor salespeople to video chat with Samsung Product Advisors (even in front of customers) should questions or concerns need to be answered.

Creative & Branding




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