Jared Ferreira, MSIT


11 Years Experience

Instructional Technologist // Graphic Designer // Web Developer // Advertising & Marketing // eCommerce Strategist // Product Launch Specialist
  • Jared and Adam put together one of the best National Training Meetings I've ever witnessed in my career. From corralling Samsung leadership as keynote speakers, to breakout sessions, and even the branding of the event itself.

    Bill L. SVP/GM - Samsung Retail Operations
  • Samsung's product training content is best-in-class across all of our vendors - even Apple, Google, and Amazon. We use your content to showcase the quality and logic we are looking for to educate our retail sales employees in all of our stores.

    Learning Operations Director Best Buy
  • "I'm amazed at how fast your team set this up and launched to our partners." (Referencing a project I had the pleasure of leading from concept to launch.)

    K.S. CEO - Samsung Electronics America
  • Jared, I love the SOC video. You’ve stuck to your good work and streamlined way of thinking to make things easier for our field team. We’ve made it very easy to access content – well done.

    John H. SVP/GM - Samsung Home Appliance
$ 0 Million+ In Project Budgets Managed
1 + Distance Learning Projects & Platforms Launched
1 + Team Members & Contractors Overseen
0 + Organizations & Agencies Worked With
1 + Different Software/ Platforms Used
0 Years Professional Experience

My Approach

A small change or idea at the beginning of the design process defines an entirely different product at the end. Designers must follow the invisible path of their decisions to the end and translate what that decision can lead to for end-users.

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