1. Produce a training sample (based on the below criteria) &
2. Present it & your methodology of building it in-person
3. A/V availability: A projector w/LGA connectors will be available if you would like to use a mobile device to make the presentation. The document must be on your local drive, however. There is no Wi-Fi capability and we can’t read any content off of a thumb drive on our own machines for security reasons.

Training Sample Request:

For your final interview for the Senior Instructional Design Specialist role with Samsung Appliances, you are to produce a sample training document and plan for execution.

While quality & design will be considered, the most important criteria that will be reviewed will be a) methodology, and b) effectiveness. You will be given an opportunity to walk through the document and explain your thought process around its development.

In order to promote creativity, the provided guidelines will be intentionally limited. The only parameters will be as follows:

Sample document/modality (options):

    • PPT deck
    • Onesheet/one-pager
    • Job Aid
    • Session/Lesson Plan
    • eLearning module

*Be mindful of time allowance to produce.

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